Welcome to the Philosophy Paperboy. This website publishes the latest contents from philosophy journals around the world. Take it as a newspaper for philosophers. Check it daily so to never miss a paper.

Philosophy Paperboy is a project by Andrea Raimondi (PhD student at the University of Nottingham and associate at the University of Exeter) in collaboration with Lorenzo Cataldi (awesome web & graphic designer based in Rome).


What is The Philosophy Paperboy?

Originally, the Philosophy Paperboy was a personal tool on my local machine. I used it as a newspaper, but for philosophy articles. Eventually, I thought it could be of help for other fellow philosophers to stay updated on recent publications. So here we are with the first public beta version. There is also another benefit I’d like to stress. Checking the website daily helps you understand how vast and diverse is the philosophical domain. So if you are affected by the (common) “real philosophy is only this or that” disease, then here you can find a cure.

By the way, what is a paperboy?

Paperboys and papergirls (also known as newsies) were important historical figures in the editorial world. Their job was to support the distribution of information to areas that struggled to get newspapers delivered. Discover more about this iconic role.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Most of the journals have RSS that allows retrieving content regularly. We simply gather the contents on daily basis, archive, and present them in a decent form. You might notice some problems with items’ display; some entries, for instances, do not include authors. This is a problem of the journal’s RSS. Some of them are actually incomplete or fail to pass basic W3C validation. We can’t do much about it.

Can I search inside Philosophy Paperboy?

Yes, you can. Use the search bar to retrieve content. At the moment, the search is not extended to either dates or authors; only keyword/tag search is available (don’t worry, we are on it). Alternatively, you can browse the journals’ list. We have just started indexing the contents from the journals.

Can I download the papers from this website? 

No, you cannot. Every published item on this website links to the journal website. You can download the paper from the original publisher. Alternatively, do you know about Sci-hub?

Does the journal list encompass all the journals in the world?

Quite, but nope. The list contains 563 journals. We are aware that some journals are missing. There are two reasons for that. First, some of them do not offer any RSS. If you are an editor please consider asking a journal policy revision so to include the transmission protocol. Second, some journals offer only volume-publication RSS. This means that the content retrieved is only something like “Volume A of Journal X is out”, which is poor and uninformative. Anyhow, part of our mission is to bring newly created journals’ RSSs to the market, so stay tuned!

I’ve found a journal which is not listed on your website, what should I do?

You can contact us here. If the journal has an RSS we will promptly add it as a source.